Solar PV Panels
Generate your own electricity for your household with the installation of solar PV panels. The costs of these panels have dropped dramatically over the past five years, as technology improved. In most instances, an investment into solar panels pays for itself in less than the time you pay off your car!
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Solar Geysers
This is a great way to reduce your electricity bill. Water heating accounts for up to 30% of your monthly energy bill. With the massive rise of electricity costs, a typical solar geyser installation pays for itself within less than two years. Make sure you get the best installer though!
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Solar Pool Heating
Increase your swimming season with several months a year. Solar pool heating panels are installed on your roof where it gets the most sun. A more aesthetic solution would be a heat pump, which uses the ambient air to heat your pool, in the opposite way that a fridge cools the air inside.
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Heat Pumps
This is a very cost-effective way to heat either your geyser or your pool water. Heat pumps uses the ambient air to heat water, in a similar but opposite way that your fridge cools the air inside. It is a lesser-known technology, but a more aesthetic solution than a rooftop installation.
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Ceiling Insulation
Still the best and easiest way to make sure your home stays cool in summer and warm in winter, ceiling insulation is available in various forms. Our suppliers will advise you on the best solution between insulation sheets available in rolls, and the spray-in cellulose fibre type insulation, depending on your specific application.
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